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Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance Solutions

It always shocks us how few people get preventive maintenance on their cooling systems. They wouldn’t dream of skipping a car tune-up, and yet they’ll spend less time in their car and you’ll go through 3-5 cars in the same time you go through an Air Conditioner!

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Our Pre-season check for Air Conditioners is a 22 point inspection and includes the following:

  • Filter clean
  • Contractor for wear
  • Check capacitance
  • Temperature drop
  • Check “A” coil (if accessible)
  • Indoor blower amps
  • Compressor Amps
  • Condenser fan Amps
  • Coil clean
  • Condition of ductwork
  • Check T-Stat operation
  • Check incoming voltage
  • Check drain for blockage
  • Check incoming Amps
  • Check if supply/return vents are blocked/closed
  • Check circuit board for wear
  • Leak test Schrader Valve
  • Check relative humidity
  • Check sequence of operation
  • Check voltage drop
  • Check bearings in fan motor
  • Check fan belt condition (if applicable)

We understand that preventive maintenance isn’t sexy – particularly on an Air Conditioner. While we have other air conditioning services, I’d like you to think about the big picture.

1. It costs less than $60.

2. With a few minor tweaks our technicians can usually get it running in peak operating conditions. As the price of electricity continues to climb this will easily reduce your hydro bill by over $100 a year.

3. Winter time can be hard on Air Conditioners. Have your unit looked at before you need it so that you can be sure that it will work when it gets hot.

4. It keeps your warranty valid. People place a lot of emphasis on the length of the warranty when they’re buying the A/C. It’s amazing how few people notice that you require periodic preventive maintenance to keep the warranty valid.

5. In order for the A/C to work, the furnace fan will need to be operational. The operating costs of old furnace fans are quite a bit more than the new ECM motors. If the fan is questionable this may be an opportunity to save even more electricity.

6. Unlike emergency repairs, preventive maintenance can be scheduled when it’s convenient for you!

7. Many people want to keep costs low when it comes to the every day cooling of their house, so spend just a little on maintenance to keep equipment repair and replacement costs as low as possible.


You get it fixed fast with our experienced technicians available 24/7.
You get it fixed right. We have over a century of experience with many technicians fully proficient in fixing all makes, models, etc.
You get it fixed affordably. We know our pre-season tune-ups are the cheapest in the Kitchener Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, and surrounding markets.
You get treated right. We’ve been around for over 140 years and have kept our customers for lifetimes because we are economical, skilled, fair, and ethical. You’ll get a full analysis of our findings complete with recommendations for further reducing the costs of running your home.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!” – Benjamin Franklin

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I just wanted to let you know the new furnace you installed for us on March 21/13 works great. Thanks again for the prompt service.

Wayne Gascho
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