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Problems with your Air Conditioner?

Our technicians are available on a 24/7 basis and can be reached by either phone or email. I want to urge you to be smart about how you get your Air Conditioner up and running again. The reality is that in Southern Ontario we have a very limited demand for cooling – less than 700 hours in a whole year! Unfortunately, when the time comes, the need is very real. This is primarily because of our high humidity environment – so what we really want is dehumidification. The good news is that Air Conditioning actually does both – it lowers temperature through dehumidification.

Not all ‘emergencies’ are created equal.

Most HVAC companies define an emergency repair as the cooling is no longer working. While that may be a problem, there is a huge difference between having the air conditioner break down on the first spring day when the temperature hits 79 F / 26 C and having no cooling in the middle of an August heat wave. For a large part of the late spring, early summer, and early fall, the temperatures tend to drop quite a bit at night time. Your house may actually cool off quicker with some windows open and a well placed fan than having a technician come over, diagnose the problem, find/install the part, and restart the equipment. Only when you expect the temperature to stay in the “AC” zone all night is it a good idea to call for after hour emergency service. Wait until the morning, pay the regular rate, and know that the house will be cool when you come home from work.

Typical Emergency Repairs

Compressor stuck – where the thermostat calls for cooling, but the compressor won’t start. If you look at the stat when it goes above the set point, and you hear the ‘click’ then you know its asking for cooling. Outside you can usually hear a (different) ‘click’ but it’s not accompanies by the low vibration we usually refer to as air conditioner noise but is actually the compressor in operation. Occasionally, we can get it started back up, but frequently it means that you’ll have to replace it. This can be expensive and is usually a sign that your Air Conditioner has limited life left.

Low on refrigerant – where there is not enough refrigerant gases in the loop from outdoor unit to indoor coil. The unit may run but does not make any cold air. If it is just a slow leak that has happened over time, the technician may be able to top up the refrigerant right away and get you back running. If it is a hole (rust, accident, corrosion) then you have a bigger issue. If the hole can be repaired you can be back in business fairly quickly but frequently these holes are in areas that it is impossible to solder. The entire coil can be replaced but that usually takes a couple of weeks (days at least) and if you get this it is usually a sign that your AC is nearing its end.

Furnace fans – The Air Conditioner can only remove warm air and humidity if there is a constant supply of air across the “A Coil” inside the furnace. If the stat calls for cooling, you can hear the compressor starting up but do not hear the air moving through the furnace, nor feel air coming through the ducts nearest the furnace, then your problem is with the furnace not the Air Conditioner. Usually this means that the fan motor on the furnace is shot – something that can be both easily and quickly fixed, BUT also a sign that your furnace is approaching the end of its life.

Exhaust fans – The stat asks for cooling, the compressor starts up and blows cold air for only a brief period of time then shuts off – it can be a number of things including the exhaust fan. The refrigerant gas doesn’t have a chance to cool off enough to be able to absorb the heat and humidity indoors. Again, this problem can be easily and quickly fixed.

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Cost is almost the least important issue.

Most people will just laugh at this statement, but I want you to think about a couple of scenarios.

In Scenario 1, the repair company has a couple of technicians who do both the installation and the service work. Their hourly rate is low but they have trouble committing to when they will be there. They will try a couple of tests and if unsuccessful, generally will recommend you buy a new unit.

In Scenario 2, the repair company has dedicated service technicians. Their jobs are exclusively to go into situations where the equipment is unfamiliar and go through a series of tests to determine the actual problem – not the symptoms. Typically, they charge more, but can get there in a 4 hour window and have a track record of successfully fixing Air Conditioners that will operate for at least the rest of the season.

The big expense is having to replace your equipment – so if you can find someone that can get it up and running, you’re ahead of the game. Skill at repair comes with experience, training, and other technicians to run problems by. Service is a very different skill than installation. Equipment today has been designed so that technicians have to spend a minimum of time getting the A/C to run at peak efficiency right out of the gate. Even if you only get another season out of the A/C, you now have the time to invest in doing all of the necessary research to pick the unit that is best for your circumstances. Taking the proper steps to maintain your air conditioner can also help prevent the need for last minute repairs.


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