Commercial Standby Generators

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Custom Generators for Clean, Reliable Uninterrupted Power

Hogg Mechanical has partnered with Sommers Generator Systems to offer custom built power solutions to support enterprise-wide communications, dependable customer service and efficient supply chains.

We offer a full line of quiet, efficient propane/natural gas-fuelled generators (LP/NG) up to 800 kWe and premium quality diesel-fueled generators up to 3200 kWe. Multiple generators can also be combined in parallel to meet larger power requirements.

Completely Automatic Operation

As soon as a power outage occurs, the generator senses the outage and automatically starts delivering power to your business. The generator continues to supply power for as long as it takes for the power from the utility to be restored.

Generate Power for Less Cost Than Your Utility Charges

Given the current high cost of hydro and low cost of natural gas, there are already times when it is possible to use a generator to produce power at a lower cost than buying it from your utility. With the price of hydro expected to continue rising, this opportunity is going to present an even more lucrative opportunity for saving money.

Leading Brand G-Series Direct Drive Engines for Optimal Life & Load Handling

Sommers generators feature only “G” designated engines specifically designed for use in generators from leading brands including Volvo, Perkins, Cummins, Detroit and Lister Petter.

In order to deliver longer life, reduced maintenance and optimal load handling all engines are direct coupled to the 4-pole generator without the use of intermediary gears.

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Trouble-Free Operation with User-Friendly Controls & Remote Monitoring

Sommers control panels allow easy operation and data capture for trouble-free setup, maintenance and compliance reporting including LWAN and cellular communications options to help business owners simplify and centralize control of their power systems in remote locations.

Standard control features include:

  • LED and LCD configurable alarm indication
  • AC and engine parameters
  • Data logging
  • 9 configurable inputs
  • 8 configurable outputs
  • kW overload protection
  • Power monitoring (kW, kWh, kVa)
  • Safety shutdowns with pre-alarms and fault indication
  • Not in Auto, low battery voltage, low fuel level, and fuel leak detection alarms standard.
  • Programmable PLC logic
  • CSA 282-09 compliant

A Complete & Truly Turnkey Solution With the Promise of No Surprises

Benefit from a true single-source power solution that includes single accountability for all aspects of the installation from initial consultation through to completion as well as the assurance of a single all-inclusive quotation:

  • Site survey and requirements assessment
  • Accurate equipment sizing for current and future needs
  • Coordination of all installation activities including sub-trades and contractors
  • Locate and prepare the installation site
  • Assembly, testing and shipping of system components
  • Installation of fuel lines and storage tanks to TSSA requirements
  • Updating of ventilation and exhaust systems as needed
  • Installation of distribution lines, switches and panels
  • Integrating generator power into site infrastructure
  • Removal of superceded/replaced lines and equipment
  • Full project documentation – measurements, photography, etc.
  • Operation and maintenance training for onsite staff

Our one-price turnkey promise ensures no surprises, oversights, misunderstanding or extras – we take full responsibility for any unforeseen difficulties and will take all necessary steps, at no extra cost, to prevent delays and disruption.

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Expert Installation, Support & Local 24/7 Onsite Emergency Service

Hogg’s 140 years in business combined with the 80+ years Sommers has been delivering generator solutions ensures that you receive an unrivaled level of experience and expertise as well as exceptional 24/7 service and support from local experts.

An Industry-Leading Warranty With Complete Parts & Labour Coverage

The Sommers warranty offers complete coverage of all parts, labour and travel costs during the warranty and is locally authorised with most parts stocked locally or available overnight for rapid resolution of issues.

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