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We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality and affordable furnace solutions within the Tri-City area. With over 140 years of experience, our clients understand that they can rely on Hogg to provide the furnace services possible.

It’s no secret that we experience our fair share of bitter winter months here in Southwestern Ontario. It’s very important not only to have a high quality heating solution, but also to make sure that it is well maintained and you know who to call in case of any repair needs.

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right spot. Whether you are exploring your options on buying and installing a new furnace, or you need maintenance or repairs for your furnace before the winter months, we are here to help.

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Keep your Furnace Running – Your Options:

Preventive Maintenance: Unlike other furnace service companies that check 15 (or less) parts of your furnace, we use a 22 point procedure. This way both of us can be pretty sure that everyone will know if the furnace is up to the task of the long winter months. We all know that furnaces have become more and more sophisticated over time – so we make sure our technicians have the most up to date training and tools in their trucks. This helps us complete the tune-up as cost-effectively as possible.

Emergency Furnace Repairs: Our 6 multi-skilled service technicians are all equipped with Smart Phones so we can get to your home as soon as you contact us. Don’t worry if it’s after hours, we always have a couple of technicians on call so you won’t have to wait until regular business hours. We are extremely proud of our experienced technicians and the skills they’ve developed over the years. We’re not alone, these techs helped us win the American Standard Dealer of the year in 2016!

Furnace Purchase and Installation – Your Options:

Retrofit Furnace Installations: While we may not need air conditioning every day in the summer, we all know that there are very few days from December to March where we don’t need heating. Homeowners who religiously have preventive maintenance done and buy ultra reliable equipment still reach the point where they will need to have their furnace replaced. What makes this process a little more difficult is deciding what kind of heating solution is right for your family. Furnace manufacturers are constantly ‘upgrading’ furnace functionality so that while you may feel the same while the furnace is working, how the furnace delivers the heat has changed dramatically over the years. Efficiency has gone sky high – to the point where its difficult to find a furnace that is rated below 94% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency).

What the manufacturers have also done is made huge improvements in fan speeds – changing the amount of air the furnace is moving according to the conditions at the time. This not only improves the comfort level inside the home, it can dramatically reduce operating costs (gas and electricity). We have exposed our Home Comfort Advisors to training on all of these new technologies and will be able to walk you through what solution would be best for your home.

Heat Pump Installation: As homeowners become more and more aware of environmental concerns, we find they are interested in knowing more about ‘no carbon footprint’ solutions. While some of these are big investments and large installation projects (solar panels, geothermal heating, etc), air source heat pumps are a relatively low cost that can be made to work with your existing ductwork. They look a lot like furnaces and air conditioners but make heat without burning fossil fuels to do it. The provincial government is focused on phasing out fossil fuel furnaces in new construction over the next decade or so and air source heat pump installations have been growing steadily over the last few years. If you’re looking to do your small part for the environment, our Home Comfort Advisors can walk you through all of the options – where they shine and where they have challenges.

Boiler Retrofit Installations: Not all homes have forced air heating. In fact, the majority of homes 70 years and older have hot water radiators to supply the heat. These rads are constantly fed hot water from a boiler – usually located in the basement. The original boilers were huge – occupying a large spot on the floor of the mechanical room. Like furnaces, the manufacturers have made big improvements in efficiency (96%) and size (wall mounted units). For some reason, these old boilers tend to last a bit longer than furnaces but none last forever. Our Home Comfort Advisors can show you how inexpensive the new boiler technology is – letting you keep the warm, moist air coming from the rads on a cold damp day.

Humidity Control: Few homeowners know that the cause of discomfort inside a house is usually humidity based. During spring, summer, and fall high humidity makes us feel either cold and damp (spring and fall) or hot and sticky (summer). In winter, a lot of our discomfort comes from low humidity. It’s not as obvious as high humidity but people who have lived in forced air homes during an exceptionally cold winter will know that the air becomes so dry, people get chapped lips, dry skin, and occasionally even suffer respiratory issues.

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