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The efficiencies of American Standard furnaces go all the way up to 97.3%! This is higher than 98% of the market.

And with readers of a national product testing research magazine rating American Standard furnaces as the most reliable brand among leading manufacturers, you are much more likely to maintain that high efficiency over the full life of the furnace.

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  1. In 2014, readers of a national product testing and research magazine rated American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning’s furnaces as the most reliable brand among leading manufacturers. Their furnaces require up to 11 less repairs over their life compared to other brands, saving up to $3,300.
  2. Hassle-free, comprehensive warranties that, unlike most brands, can cover the cost of labour as well as parts.
  3. Our 140 years in business guarantees you an expert install and the peace of mind that we’ll be here to serve you for the entire life of your furnace.


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Even the most inexperienced furnace buyer can probably get pretty close to identifying the most efficient furnace on his own. The higher the number – the better the efficiency. However, that is not the whole story. Listed below are a few things that might help you to make a more informed decision.

Claimed efficiencies aren’t always achievable

Efficiency ratings published by the manufacturer are verified by independent testing labs. So when the manufacturer says 95.3% efficient – it has demonstrated that the furnace is capable of performing at that level to the experts.

The problem is that very frequently the conditions in the field (your house) are not nearly as conducive to maximum efficiency as the controlled conditions in the lab that they are tested in. Don’t get me wrong, a more efficient furnace in the lab will almost always be a more efficient furnace in the field, so using the stated efficiency is a good move. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that you will ever achieve the claimed performance level.

Expert installation improves performance up to 30% and saves up to 50% on repairs

The fact that it’s almost impossible to achieve lab-tested efficiencies in your home demonstrates how critical it is to have your furnace installed by an expert, experienced team who are trained to achieve the highest efficiency possible.

You might be tempted to save a few bucks on the installation costs by getting your buddy’s brother or some other person in the industry to do the work on the side. But if you are really interested in the highest efficiency, who do you think is more likely to deliver it?

The people described above OR a team that includes:

  • management personnel focused on researching and understanding all of the available technology
  • factory trained supervisory staff that have trained all of the technicians on proper installation techniques
  • service technicians that communicate any field problems back to the installation teams
  • a 100+ year proven track record in the home heating industry

Studies have shown that expert installations can improve efficiency by as much as 30% and reduce repairs by as much as 50%. Remember all equipment is designed to perform at similar levels of efficiency, not all equipment is designed to reliably perform at that level for its entire life.

Maintain your furnace to ensure it performs efficiently and lasts

As much as the equipment is designed to run well, the environment that it works is not exactly ideal. Dust, dirt, and time all have a negative impact on efficiency.

Consider the following:

  • The dirtier a furnace filter becomes over time the more it chokes off the air that is trying to circulate through your home. This means the fan has to work harder (using more electricity) and because less air is being circulated, your furnace must run for a longer time to achieve the desired temperature.
  • Dirt build up on fan blades increases the vibration of the fan which increases noise and causes the bearings in the fan motor to wear more quickly. Worn bearings increase electricity costs.
  • The increased vibration from dirty fans affects the alignment of the fuel nozzle which can reduce the efficiency of the furnace and is the primary cause of premature failure of the heat exchanger (the most expensive part to repair on a furnace).

Protect your investment in your high efficiency furnace by having a heating professional perform preventive maintenance at least once every 2 years. At $50 per tune up, it is a minimal cost to ensure that your electricity and gas bills are kept as low as possible, you minimize the number and cost of repairs and your furnace lasts as long as possible.

Connect with a Comfort Expert today for free advice on how you can achieve the most efficient furnace installation.

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the 2 pairs of guys who worked on the install over those 2 days were super - polite, and tidy, and courteous, and worked all the custom parts of the job look really well done. Thanks for all you did Dori to help me through the buying process, to the inside staff who set things up and arranged the installation teams, and to the 4 installers for making 2 days not so much of an interruption to my life.

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I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the service I got from your company on Wednesday. I am amazed that you were able to install a new furnace for me on the same day I made the call reporting my problem, and I am telling everyone I know.

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