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  1. How long are you planning to stay in your home?

    • If you are planning to stay in your home five years or more then things like furnace reliability and warranty become important in your decision. You’ll want a furnace that isn’t going to cost you a lot in repairs.
    • If you plan to stay in your home less than five years, then paying less upfront for a new furnace may be the most important consideration.
  2. No matter what brand of furnace you buy, have it installed by experienced experts.

    1. Studies show that good installations save up to 50% on repair costs.
    2. Studies also show that good installations can improve performance up to 30%.
  3. The larger your home, the more important your furnace efficiency becomes.

    1. While all modern furnaces are made to be efficient, higher efficiency models are available that improve comfort and reduce energy costs.
    2. If your home is less than 1,500 ft2, a single-stage (single speed) furnace will be almost as effective as a higher efficiency model.
    3. For larger homes, a higher efficiency two-stage furnace will have lower energy costs and be noticeably more effective at maintaining comfort, particularly in the spring/fall shoulder seasons where demand is not as constant.
  4. While performance is relatively consistent across brands, reliability isn’t.

    1. Even well known brands are proven to break down more frequently than the most reliable brands – up to 11 extra repairs over their life. At around $500 per repair that’s a significant cost.

In 2014, readers of a national product testing and research magazine rated American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning’s furnaces as the most reliable brand among leading manufacturers.

  1. If you’re very concerned about the environment then that will impact your purchase decision.

    1. Generally speaking, the higher the efficiency of the furnace and the more stages it has, the less energy it will use and the less it will impact the environment. While the energy costs will be lower with a higher efficiency furnace that has more stages the upfront new furnace cost will be somewhat higher.
    2. Heat pumps that run on electricity are another option with lower environmental impact and because they produce more energy than they consume in electricity you could be surprised at how small the difference is in operating cost.

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So how much does a new furnace cost?

There is no single best answer for this question as it largely depends on the size of your home, how efficient you want your furnace to be, and many other factors. As a generalization, a new furnace costs between $3500 and $4500 (installed) on average.

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