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In 2014, readers of a national product testing and research magazine rated American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning’s furnaces as the most reliable brand among leading manufacturers with their furnaces requiring up to 11 less repairs over their life compared to other brands.

And, unlike other brands whose warranties only cover parts, their comprehensive warranties cover both the parts and the labour for 10 years of hassle free ownership.


  1. Our 140 years in business guarantees you an expert install and the peace of mind that we’ll be here to serve you for the entire life of your furnace.
  2. We offer furnaces with efficiencies as high as 97.3% that improve comfort, reduce energy costs, reduce environmental impact and can be eligible for rebates on the upfront installation cost.


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4 simple steps for maximizing reliability & minimizing hassle

We get it. Buying a furnace is not the most fun way to spend your time. When you have to do it, all you want to do is find a unit that will not break down, will last a long time and won’t cost you an arm and a leg upfront. Luckily for you, there are 4 simple steps you can take to achieve what you want now and minimize those future hassles.

Step 1: Expert installation saves you up to 50% on repairs, 30% on performance

The first thing is to hire an experienced qualified installation team because studies have shown that 50% of repairs are caused by poor installation techniques.

Find someone that has been ‘in the game’ for a long time and has the resources to ensure that their people have the right tools and are fully trained to install the furnace exactly as it was designed to be installed.

It could be tempting to save a few dollars upfront by hiring your buddy’s brother, that is until you get a cold February night and you can’t quite get comfortable. Then you’ll be tossing and turning regretting the decision to cut a few corners just to save a few bucks.

Step 2: Buy a reliable brand that breaks down less

Although most major brands are designed to operate at the same performance level (around 95% efficiency) not all of them are designed to run reliably.

What’s important to recognise is that over the life of a furnace you could end up making as many as 11 extra repairs just because you were sold a well known, but less reliable brand. At an average of $300 per repair that’s an extra $3,300 in repair costs, which is on top of all the hassle and frustration that goes with those repairs!

Step 3: Get a long, cost-effective warranty that covers LABOUR as well as parts

All furnaces now come with a 10-year warranty, but almost all of them are PARTS ONLY. While this insulates you from the cost of the part itself, it does not cover the hourly rate of the repairman who (in order to not void your warranty) is required to replace the failed part.

And as we have all experienced, that part is most likely to fail at about 2am on a very cold February night when you will be forced to pay overtime rates that are significantly higher than what the part itself is worth.

Minimize the pain of the whole experience by ensuring you receive a 10-year parts and labour warranty that will insulate you from all of the costs for warranty repairs, including overtime labour rates.

Step 4: Get your furnace tuned up at least every second year

Professional preventive maintenance can be performed for as little as $50 a visit and will not only identify and avoid potential problems but will also ensure that your furnace keeps operating at the efficiency it was designed to work at.

Not only will your gas bills be smaller, but so will your electricity bills because properly tuned fans with clean filters will use less electricity and move more warm air through your house.

Most importantly though, a good tune can almost eliminate the possibility of that late night emergency call.


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