Residential Standby Generators


Gain the Comfort, Security & Convenience of Affordable Home Backup Power

A natural gas or propane standby generator protects your home from power loss by automatically delivering power to your entire home’s electrical system, or just the most essential items.

Completely Automatic Operation Whether You are Home or Away

As soon as the generator senses a power outage, it automatically turns on to deliver power to your home and continues to run until the utility power is restored, whether that takes a few hours or a few weeks.

No More Refuelling & No More Extension Cords

Because your generator runs on your existing natural gas or propane supply there’s no need to keep running to the gas station for refuelling. And because backup power is delivered directly and safely into your home’s electrical system, there’s no need to run a mass of extension cords through windows.

You Can Even Generate Power For Less Cost Than Buying It

With the cost of hydro continuing to increase while the cost of natural stays low there are already times when you can actually produce electricity from your natural gas backup generator at a lower cost than what you would pay for it from the hydro company, and it is very likely that this cost saving opportunity will increase in value heading into the future.

Briggs & Stratton Home Backup Generators – The Superior Choice

We chose to offer Briggs & Stratton home standby generators not only because of their long standing reputation for durability and reliability, but because they also offer superior value, quality, support and a warranty that is unmatched in the industry. That all translates into delivering you greater peace of mind and a better, more hassle-free experience over the life of your unit.

Here are just a few of the features & benefits that set Briggs & Stratton above the competition:

Features & Benefits Briggs & Stratton Competitor
Long-Term Engine Durability Industrial Vanguard engines built for rugged environments with local parts availability & support Off shore piece-built, light-duty engines with parts sourced from various manufacturers
Reliable Cold Weather Starting Oil pan heater & thermostat heats engine oil to optimal temperature Blanket around oil filter
Enclosure Corrosion Resistance Galvanneal steel enclosures have even better corrosion resistance than galvanized steel Steel enclosures
Versatile Installation Install as close as 18″ from house due to end facing exhaust outlet Side facing exhaust outlet requires system to be 36″ from house
Save Money on Fuel Conversion Simple DIY conversion between propane & natural gas Technician required
Battery & Cold Weather Kit Included Everything you need included in the base price Not included in base price
Delivered Assembled & Tested Battery & cold weather kit installed, fuel type set, full inspection & test run before delivery. Kits shipped untested with loose components requiring install
Intelligent Overload Prevention Reduces Repairs & Extends Generator Life Load management controls sense high demand loads, only letting them start when adequate capacity is available in order to eliminate overload Load shed allows high loads 3 start attempts overloading generator & eventually locking loads out until power is restored. Extremely detrimental to engine, diodes & voltage regulator.
24/7 Emergency Service 24/7 onsite emergency service & parts 24/7 phone service
Local Warranty & Parts Locally handled warranty authorization with immediate repairs US based warranty authorization required prior to commencing repairs

Save Money on the Generator, Installation & Fuel With Symphony® II Power Management

The most customizable power management solution available, the Briggs & Stratton Symphony® II automatically balances the power needs of your home’s electrical loads – including high-wattage items like air conditioning units, electric stoves and electric dryers – to give your family uninterrupted, whole-house power using a smaller, more affordable home generator that uses less fuel.

The system switches your appliances on and off automatically through modules that communicate with your generator via your home’s existing wiring, simplifying and saving you money on installation.


Expert Installation, Support & Local 24/7 Onsite Emergency Service

With an unrivaled 140 years in business and technicians who are licensed
gas fitters with certificates from the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA), you are assured of an expert installation as well as exceptional 24/7 service and support from both Hogg Mechanical and the local Briggs & Stratton technical service and warranty team.

The Industry’s Leading Warranty – Parts & Labour for a Full 5 or 10 Years

While most manufacturers offer 5 year warranties, they do not all offer complete coverage for the full period. Our Briggs & Stratton standard warranty offers complete coverage of all parts, labour and travel costs for the entire 5 years so that you’re not paying for repairs that you shouldn’t be. Warranty extensions up to 10 years are also available.


Automated Self Testing & Easy Maintenance

The generator tests and exercises itself weekly to ensure it is always ready for operation and the insulated hinged enclosure with removable front panel ensures both quiet operation and easy access for regular maintenance of the engine and controls.

A Wide Range of Sizes & Options Available

With generators from 8kW to 60kW and multiple circuit, switch and enclosure options there is a solution available for every home and application. Our experts can help with determining the sizes and features that suit your needs and budget.


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A great big thank you goes out to you and the Hogg Mechanical Technician for fixing my 84 year old mother-in-law’s home furnace. The unit stopped working during the night of the 3rd of March and you came to the rescue within an hour notice on the 4th, which was a very cold day.

Reinhold Schuster
Waterloo Region