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Life Hacks Vol. 3 – Cleaning Hacks

Over the last couple weeks, we have taken some time to look at life hacks for the home and the tool shed. This week is all about chemicals! We spend a lot on home cleaning products – hundreds of dollars leave our pockets every year in hopes of sanitation – but what if you could […]

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10 Hogg Tips on Removing Stuff from your Household Bricks!

Over the years your household brick walls will build up some unwarranted gunk and stains. Here are ten tips on removing the problem areas: Dingy Spots – Try applying spray-on oven cleaner: let sit 15 minutes, then scrub with a stiff brush. Repeat, then rinse with water. Dirt – Hose off while scrubbing with a […]

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Spring Cleaning Collaboration – to make it easier on friends, families and neighbours?

Tomorrow seems to be looking like the first day of Spring. The temperature is finally projected to be in the positives and looks to be staying there for quite some time, hopefully until the Fall or better next Winter. Don’t quote us on this, however, the Weather Network does have a pretty decent track record. […]

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