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Shovel Snow Safely

Winter isn’t over yet, and since our local groundhog predicted at least another six weeks of cold we should revisit how to shovel snow safely. No one likes a trip to the hospital, especially if it could have been prevented. We know it doesn’t seem like something you should have to put that much thought […]

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The Benefits of Ice Cold Water – KW Polar Plunge

When a human body is suddenly immersed in cold water on a cold winter day the first reaction is the constriction of the small blood vessels on the surface of your body. This natural defense mechanism of the body is to reduce the loss of heat. This in turn means a lot of blood is […]

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Super Bowl 2014 weather forecast, predictions and 5 of the worst weather games!

In late August, the 197 year old Farmers Almanac was released to the public to predict the upcoming winter. The publication stated that it was going to be extremely COLD using words such as bitterly cold and piercing cold, and there would be heavy snowfall for the Midwest, Great Lakes and New England areas. They […]

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