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Signs your Air Conditioner needs Maintenance.

With the heat coming, it’s important to make sure that your air conditioner is working at peak efficiency. Ensuring that your HVAC systems are in prime working order can save you a lot in repairs down the road. Emergency repairs can be very costly and many are largely preventable with routine maintenance. Problems do come […]

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Backyard planning for year-round use includes both comfort and activity

By Diana Marszalek, Associated Press | October 15, 2014 5:52 PM ET From the National Post As fun as summer at the cottage is, Sue Vanderwiel and family also make the most of their Apple River, Ill. vacation home in the winter. That’s when “it is much quieter, and we can just hang out, play […]

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Celebrate the Indoors – Movie Marathons

When spring still feels like winter! Celebrate the indoors! Have you experienced extra movie nights this year? Some Movie Marathon Tips Movie Selection The first rule is to keep your audience in mind. Will there be children present? Is it a guy’s night out? Knowing the taste and likes of your audience is imperative to […]

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Is being “COOL” good for your health?

Our world has been drastically changed by air conditioners. It has made indoors more comfortable and relaxing but how does this hinder our health. Here are some health benefits and risks that air conditioners have brought to our everyday lives. Benefits – They reduce humidity – Moist places encourage mould to grow creating allergens. This […]

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