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Life Hacks for your Home – Vol. 1

Everyone wants to make their life a bit easier. Over the next few weeks we will be filling you in on some amazing life hacks that will make things run a little smoother in your home. These tips and tricks, or “hacks,” as the internet has dubbed them, are made to be simple, cost effective […]

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Respect your Right to a Home Inspection

Thinking of buying a new home? The process of buying (and selling) a home can be very stressful. Beyond actually finding a home you would like to call your own, there is also paperwork, realtor’s fees, mortgage brokers – and that’s just the legal side of things! So if you can cut out a step, […]

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4 Electrical Mistakes to Avoid

Preventing trouble with your home’s electrical system doesn’t take much effort – it probably has more to do with the stuff that you shouldn’t do than it is about things that you really need to do. For example: Don’t splice damaged cords. Splices can fall apart and cause fires. Chuck the appliance with the spliced […]

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