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What to Do If Your Furnace Stops Working

Home comfort is a high priority for everyone, no matter where they live. If you ever find yourself in a cold building during the height of the February freeze, you’ll know how uncomfortable it can be. The issue is even more important in Canada as our cold winters can seriously impact a person’s health. It […]

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CO SERIES: Pt. 2 – Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Part 2 of the carbon monoxide safety series, in concert with New Berlin Heating and AirWest Air Conditioning and Heating. This post comes to us from New Berlin Heating.   Symptoms of CO poisoning and what to do On a sleepy, cold winter afternoon in Chicago Stephanie was feeling a bit under the weather. She […]

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Emergency Furnace Repairs vs Furnace Tune-ups. What’s the difference?

By Peter Wagner As an HVAC company that has built their success around the service side of the business (going to existing installed furnaces and either troubleshooting or preemptively ‘tuning’ a furnace or an air conditioner), it is interesting to us to see how the definition of these two terms varies from one residential customer […]

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