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ENERGY STAR windows make a difference

Spring and summer are the times when we are most likely to take on home renovations. From the small to the large, these projects are always performed on with the intent of creating a better quality of living both in and outside of our homes. One of the bigger home renovation projects that can be […]

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Turn down your Air Conditioner, Save Money

While we want to stay comfortable in the summer, we also want to do it in the most efficient way possible. That can be challenging when we are blasting our air conditioning 24 hours a day. Here are three ideas for how to save energy and cash during the summer months. Set you air conditioner […]

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Trane Furnaces keep on Chugging

When you start looking for a new furnace (preferably before the old one gives out) you will encounter dozens of different companies all claiming to offer the best product. Out of all of these companies and the variety of equipment that they offer, what brands do you research? One company that has been gaining a […]

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  EnerGuide and Energy Efficiency Regulations – Part 4 of our EnerGuide Series

Welcome to part four of our EnerGuide series! Part one explained what EnerGuide was and why it was important to the average consumer. Part two explained how to properly read an EnerGuide label. Part Three discussed EnerGuide homes and the benefits of efficient home ownership. Today, in part four, we will talk about the Energy […]

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How to read an EnerGuide Label: Part 2 of the EnerGuide Series

Whether you’re out shopping the season’s sales or buying for necessity’s sake, it is important to know that you are getting the most for your money. One way to do that is checking the efficiency rating on your new products. Part two of our EnerGuide series  is going to look at how to read an […]

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