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8 TIPS to Prepping your Home for a Copious Amount of Rain Mixed with Melting Snow!

With this rainfall swooping in this afternoon most of us are thinking about how our backs are going to be rested by avoiding shoveling snow for a couple days. However, there is some last minute snow shoveling you should be doing to prepare your home and neighbourhood to avoid possible flooding or future slippery ice […]

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Tips to Keeping your Home/Water Pipes Warm and Safe During Extremely Cold Temperatures!

We always talk about the more common ways to prevent heat loss in your home, which include windows, door sealings, venting etc. These tips are directed to homeowners during the extreme cold weather conditions other wise known as sub freezing. 1. Space heaters can help with warmth but infrared and sun heaters are more cost […]

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Therma-Tru Says Slam the Door on High Energy Bills

Here is an excellent article taken from the National Post regarding the efficiency of the doors in your home and how an effective seal can save you from high energy bills. While reading this article keep in mind the seals on your windows as there can be some similarities in checking for external cold air […]

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