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Respect your Right to a Home Inspection

Thinking of buying a new home? The process of buying (and selling) a home can be very stressful. Beyond actually finding a home you would like to call your own, there is also paperwork, realtor’s fees, mortgage brokers – and that’s just the legal side of things! So if you can cut out a step, […]

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Fix your Leaky Faucets, Save your Money

HVAC and plumbing are very close friends – you can normally find them chumming around with one another in the business sector, and with good reason. There are many similarities between the two trades, but none more apparent than the consumer aspect. The big similarity is how many consumers put off fixing what starts out […]

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Four Seasons Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing

In our search for useful information that helps people make better decisions on heating and air conditioning we came across this company in Chicago. Might even be more interesting since the climate is not that different than ours. Chicago, IL — Four Seasons Heating, Air Conditioning, and Plumbing offers Chicago land and Northwest Indiana a […]

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There’s nothing like CMPX! It’s like a Candy Store for HVAC Contractors

There comes a time every two years when Waterloo and Wellington region’s HVAC industries migrates north east to Toronto for a few days. Usually, the snow has melted and the temperature is well above zero degrees celsius. However, with the arrival of the polar vortex this year, we still don’t know what weather to expect […]

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