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save ON energy Symposium

We had the great pleasure in attending the saveOnenergy Symposium last week held at Bingemans. Here are some of the pictures that we took with some of the other great companies saving your household and businesses energy and money. The speakers at this event were very informative and the topics ranged from HVAC & Refrigeration, […]

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The story and process of Air Conditioning

We’d like to take this opportunity to educate our customers on the 100 year old process of Air Conditioning to help them better understand.  A process that is equally about removing humidity as it is about removing heat from the indoor air. Go back 111 years.  A young electrical engineer by the name of Willis […]

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Matching your heating and refrigeration loads can save big money. Commercial Fridges and Hot Water Systems

Frequently we get calls from restaurant and bar owners to repair their hot water or refrigeration equipment. Usually these repairs are fairly inexpensive but we are shocked by all of the wasted energy that goes into these systems. Perhaps it just takes a step back to think about the refrigeration process to see how this […]

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What to do in a Power Outage!

First thing is first, check whether the power outage is limited to your home. If your neighbour has power check your circuit breaker panel or fuse box. If it turns out the problem is not due to the breaker panel or the fuse box, check the service wires leading to the house. If it is […]

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