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Stay safe during hot summer days

With summer finally showing its face in Southern Ontario, it’s time to take a look at how to stay safe during these hot times. Heat exhaustion, dehydration and heat stroke are all common issues and can be particularly bad for the very young, the elderly and those with persistent health issues. Here are some things […]

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Barbeque safety starts with you

Patio grilling is one of the best parts of summer life. There’s nothing better than some flame-kissed food to round out a tough day. One important thing to remember when grilling is that, like any other piece of equipment, a barbeque needs to be maintained and treated with respect. This will not only lend to […]

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Gas Inspections in the Activa Neighbourhood have come to a close. Is your home Safe?

Following the house explosion last January the City of Kitchener followed up by offering free home inspections to over 750 houses. Only 300 residents accepted the offer which I personally find as a frighteningly low number.  The first reason being, a house exploded! The second reason being, out of the 300 residents who accepted the […]

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