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EnerGuide and Vehicles – Part 5 of our EnerGuide Series

Welcome to part five of our EnerGuide series! Part one explained what EnerGuide was, Part two explained how to properly read an EnerGuide label, Part Three discussed EnerGuide homes and Part Four talked about the Energy Efficiency Regulations that helped create the EnerGuide label. Today, though, we will be looking at EnerGuide in vehicles. More […]

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  EnerGuide and Energy Efficiency Regulations – Part 4 of our EnerGuide Series

Welcome to part four of our EnerGuide series! Part one explained what EnerGuide was and why it was important to the average consumer. Part two explained how to properly read an EnerGuide label. Part Three discussed EnerGuide homes and the benefits of efficient home ownership. Today, in part four, we will talk about the Energy […]

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High Efficiency HVAC Products – A Good Investment

There is a lot of hype in the media about the benefits of high-efficiency products and the perks they carry for both the environment and your home – but how much of it is hype? While high-efficiency appliances and HVAC products will definitely cost you less per kilowatt hour (kWh) than your older, lower efficiency […]

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What is EnerGuide? Part 1 of the EnerGuide Series

We’ve all seen the stickers on our new appliances, but why are they there? EnerGuide is an awesome program backed by the Government of Canada to help consumers make more economical choices for their homes. Over the coming weeks we will explore some of the more specific guidelines, but for now, let’s take a look […]

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Saving Savvy – Winterizing tips

Winter is creeping up on us faster than ever but people are still procrastinating when it comes to prevention. We want to see everyone making sure their houses are as ready as possible for the coming months. We also know that these do it yourself jobs don’t have to break the bank. A few small […]

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Five Reasons to get a Furnace Tune-up

  Winter has yet to officially arrive but furnaces are already chugging away, keeping us warm while we go about our days. These machines are working tirelessly to keep us comfortable, but do we really give them enough attention? The reality is most people don’t think about their furnaces until something has gone wrong; we […]

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LED and CFL bulbs – which should you buy?

The beginning of 2014 saw the phasing out of higher-wattage (75/100w) incandescent light bulbs and in just over a month our 40- and 60 watt friends will be riding off into the sunset. As stocks start to run out in stores we will have to start exploring new lighting options. Before we tackle these options, […]

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Bryan Baeumler

Furnaces – The Benefits of “Buying Smart”

Why you don’t want to pay $2800 for a furnace and installation. One of the biggest frustrations for the entire HVAC industry is how to combat companies who cut corners to provide their customers with low cost furnace installations. We know there is little appetite for doing the research into how / what to buy […]

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