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Seasonal Allergies – how to deal

Fall is coming and the pollen is flying yet again. Allergy sufferers rue this time of year as it means runny noses, itchy eyes and general misery until the first frost. In reality, there are a lot of things you can do to minimize your seasonal allergies. Here are four ways to help yourself and […]

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Life Hacks Vol. 6 – Spring/ Summer Hacks

The summer weather is coming and since we love life hacks, we would love to share some of our favourite hacks for when the warm weather arrives. Here are some of the best life spring and summer hacks to help make the warm weather as enjoyable as possible. Freeze aloe vera – If we’re going […]

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Guest Post: A look at heating and AC closer to the Equator

(In the middle of last weekend’s gorgeous weather, I remember stepping into our (coolish) house thinking, “Will I ever be glad when we don’t need air conditioning anymore this season?” How bad is that? After the winter we had!?!? Then I started thinking about what the summer and winter would look like closer to the […]

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Bryan Bauemler

Outdoor Kitchens – extend your season with radiant heat.

I just got back from a “Baeumler Approved” ( vendors meeting at the Lowes opening in Burlington. Here we met with not only Bryan himself, but got to talk to fellow contractors about the exciting things we were seeing in the industry. Frequent readers of these blogs will know how we routinely talk about how […]

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