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Foundation leaks lead to lousy living

It’s officially April! It’s the time of year when we work to forget about cold winter nights and look forward to warmer weather spotted with tulips and daffodils… right? The truth is we cannot discount the snow until every last flake has disappeared. Melt water means the ground is extremely damp and if you do […]

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Thermostats – There’s an App for That!

Do you have a smart phone? This may seem like an odd question when you are thinking about home maintenance, but we promise, it isn’t. With smart technology advancing at staggering speeds, it was only a matter of time before that tech lens was turned on our homes. Over recent years, developers have been working […]

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Is your “Local Heating and Cooling Contractor” really “Local”?

People choose their Heating and Cooling contractor for various reasons. In these tight economic times, a major consideration is obviously price. Most contractors that have been in the business for a while, know where the market is and are typically priced competitively. So how do people choose if prices are basically equal? It usually comes […]

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